The high quality standards achieved over the years by Sea Metria in the technical area, have brought our clients to express the willing and the necessity to appoint us for a wider support and guidance range, concerning all aspects of yacht ownership..

Boosted by the demand, we have strengthened our Company’s structure in order to face all those issues which burden a Yacht’s life, and which arise from the most different counterparties: Yacht and Ship agencies, Crew, Customs, Ship Registers, Insurances, Banks, not forgetting the relations with all the strategic suppliers (equipment, bunker, spare parts).


Beside those more logistical and operational tasks, we have extended our expertise to the strategic aspects, which, sooner or later, an Owner has to face: Company Ownership, choose of Flag, possible financial partners in case of purchase of the Vessel, type of Classification (Private or Commercial), taxes regulations.

Our Management and Consultancy services put us in the role of a financial, logistical, operational and communications centre for the yacht, and our intention is to make certain that the Yacht is, in deed, what she was in Owner’s intention: a pleasure.

We are recognized by Bereau Veritas as  certificate DP.


A yacht life is characterized by very important technical elements. Accurate and scheduled routine maintenance grants not only a high standard of  performance, but also permits a constant check on management costs. At the same time, in cases of extraordinary maintenance,  the overview of highly experienced experts grants the owner a high return in terms of performance without any particularly excessive costs.


The all-day life of a Yacht includes a vast range of issues. In strict cooperation with the Captain, and always in accordance with the Owner, Sea Metria ensures that the Yacht is always kept in good running condition. Amongst other, the service includes: manage and oversee Flag State and Classification Society requirements; assistance in maintaining LY2 (or equivalent) large Yacht commercial code compliance; management of planned/unplanned maintenance; Shipyard allocation; supply of third party technical assistance and sub-contractors.


New Project Management

The construction of a new yacht is an immensely complex challenge, involving numerous counterparties and professional individuals. Accurate specifying, contracting and supervising are of an essence for a successful project.

From the very beginning we stand beside the Owner with our support and advisory services, which include the overview of the contract, preparation and issuing of technical specifications for tendering and, if requested, creation of specialist teams to oversee the naval architecture, design, styling, technical consulting and construction.

Our experience covers the construction of both motor and sailing yachts, and our aim is to achieve the best balance between price and quality.

Refit Management

From routine interventions to complete rebuilds. Our experience has evolved into a complete supervision service which includes: tendering for the choice of the Shipyard and sub-contractors, draw up and verify of work lists and Gantt diagrams, negotiation of yard quotes and contracts, day-to-day supervision from start to completion of the work.


Our Services

Yacht Design

Sea Metria acts in partnership with the Designer chosen by the Shipyard or by the Owner in Italy and abroad.

Technical Management

Accurate and scheduled routine maintenance grants not only a high standard of performance, but also permits a constant check on management costs.


Sea-metria's collaboration with international insurance companies and brockers is our core business.