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We can assist our Clients throughout the whole design and construction process in case of new builds or existing vessels, motor and sailing yachts built in steel, alloy and composite materials:

  • Preliminary design, specification and detail design for yachts and super yachts;
  • Preliminary weights list, trim, preliminary power prediction for new vessels;
  • Towing tests assistance;
  • Structural design with final element method;
  • Issuance of necessary reports and drawings for classification purpose;
  • Assistance to the shipyard in the coordination of the project towards their suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Project management.



Sea Metria carries out surveys all over Italy the Mediterranean:

  • Surveys of new boats to check the progress and quality of the work;
  • Surveys of used boats to assess their condition prior to a purchase;
  • Damage surveys to ascertain the extent of damages sustained after an accident or technical failure;
  • Estimate surveys to evaluate a boat for financial or insurance purposes.



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Yacht MAnagement

We can offer a wide support in all aspects of yacht ownership, facing all the issues which burden a yacht’s life, and which arise from the most different counterparties such as shipyards, ship agencies, crew, customs, ship registers, insurances, banks, suppliers, with particular attention to the technical support for scheduled routine and extraordinary maintenance, to grant the yacht a high standard of performance.