supervision and management

In 2008 Sea Metria has been appointed by the Owner as technical managing company for a 54 mt motor yacht. Principal task was the organization of an extensive refit program, aimed to the resolution of several constructive defects of the vessel. After an accurate investigation job, Sea Metria, in accordance with the Owner, has highlighted some principal intervention areas which should have been faced as primary tasks. Top of the list was the resolution of the trim problem of the vessel: due to erroneous calculation of the weight of the interiors in respect to the original project, the yacht was launched from the building shipyard with an evident negative trim. A first attempt carried out by the Shipyard itself to solve the problem by adding 38 tons of lead ballast into the bilges underneath the aft garage, only partially reduced the problem, and, on the other hand, had put a big interrogative issue on the safety of the vessel. Our first aim was to raise the bow of the yacht, and, at the same time, to reduce as much as possible the quantity of ballast positioned on the hull. After an accurate study, it was decided to proceed with three significant hull modifications:


    • Fitting of a bulbous bow on the existing hull shape
    • Extension of the length and depth of the skeg
    • Shifting forward of the transom to frame -1 by cutting the hull.

Besides those radical interventions, some smaller actions have been put in place in order to improve the effect of the hull transformation:

    • One fore fresh water tank has been transformed into a dry deposit;
    • The skeg has been filled with ballast (lead balls mixed with resin).

The entire operation has been carried out coordinating the naval architect’s job, the ABS relation for the approval of the project, and the execution of the works by the Shipyard.

Whilst the project phase was started in February/March 2009, the “hot works” begun on the 29th of October 2009. The Vessel has been launched on the 16th of April 2010 and, on the first sea trial occurred on the 20th of April 2010, it was evident that the operation had obtained the wished result: a positive trim has been achieved, and round 24 tons of ballast was removed.

From the very beginning Sea Metria has managed all contractual aspects with the involved contractors, and has acted as Owner’s representative in front of all the interested institutional counterparties (Flag, ABS, Custom).