Preliminary Procedure

We studied all documents received form the shipyard and from the Captain, in order to understand the structure of the vessel and the type of materials used. Afterwards we carried out a visit onboard for verifying if the vessel had been built in accordance with the drawings.



1- Check of dimensioning using the class Register's formula

It is the classic method for dimensioning the structure of all kinds of vessels. We compare the thickness and the section modules to the ones used onboard, by using the formulas.

2- Check of dimensioning using the Final element method

The first step we had to undertake was to understand what kind of loads the structure could support. In accordance with the Class Register the helicopter deck has to support the weight of the helicopter itself and the hypothetical emergency load of it.

 The Owner wants to understand the deck behaviour not only with the helicopter parked, but also during its landing.

We designed a mathematic model as much close as possible to the real structure of the deck.



We loaded this model in accordance with the loads suggested  by the Class Register, and we verified if the values obtained were within the requirements.

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