Construction surveillance

Over the last four years we inspected the construction of a 45 meters displacing motor yacht in Spain on behalf of the Owner. The project was followed from the very beginning. Initially, we were asked to advise our Client about the best possible choice between three building shipyards proposed.

When the Client decided which shipyard would have built the vessel, we worked joint with the yard technical department to improve the technical specification and the makers’ list according to the Client wishes, also bearing in mind the latest technical components available on the market. The activity was not only technical, but we also had the chance to review the construction contract, to make its contents coherent with the technical improvements and the time bars, as per the construction schedule (GANT).

Our involvement included, at that stage, also the attendance during the towel tank tests, with the results review for the preliminary stability booklet review and discussion. Afterwards, joint with a German company contracted by our Client we started to review and approve all preliminary and later final drawings and systems plans. So far as the interior and exterior design are concerned, we liaised with the Architects offices respectively instructed by our Client and the yard, in the course of the whole project duration.

Afterwards, when the construction started, we took care of all these activities:

  • surveying of hull-deck structures, superstructures and  materials;
  • welding process approval, weld control and approval;
  • surveying of hull/superstructure block assembling;
  • supervision and design of deck hardware fittings: bits, fairleads, cleats, mooring winches, windlasses, davit, crane, gangway and side ladder;
  • supervision of hatches and windows: design and installation;
  • supervision of insulation materials and their installation;
  • supervision of air conditioning and engine room ventilation systems;
  • supervision of electric plan, cabling and control of materials;
  • coordination of the meetings between the interior/exterior designer and audio/video and domotic engineers: discussion and approval of the different scenarios;
  • supervision of piping installation;
  • design approval and construction supervision of the engine room and technical areas;
  • design approval and supervision of the wood and teak works;
  • design approval and supervision of the exterior furniture construction;
  • supervision of communication and navigational system installation;
  • navigation and communication systems: start-up and in commissioning;
  • approval and supervision of house appliances installation;
  • supervision, arrangement approval and  management of entertainments and Owner’s furniture installation;
  • supervision of filler and paint works;
  • coordination of  meetings amongst the shipyard, designers, class register surveyors,  flag surveyors,  engineers and technicians involved in the construction of the yacht in order to allow the coordination of the works and tests onboard;
  • issue all minutes of meetings;
  • issue of the survey reports, wherever necessary;
  • attendance and tech. support of class register and flag surveys;
  • attendance of weight control tests;
  • logistic support to the crew onboard.

The contractual date of delivery (May 2009) was postponed, because of some economic diseases suffered by the building shipyard. The building process, which was affected by a long interruption, restarted in September 2010 and the project was taken over by the shipyard new management.

When the yacht was ready to be launched, we also attended to various sea trials and functioning tests, such as:

  • attendance during the in-commissioning of the systems and  sea trials;
  • attendance during noise and vibration tests;
  • review of all performance readings which have been contractually agreed;
  • windows, doors, hatches, water-tightness check and test;
  • attendance during Client’s acceptance;
  • Issuance of accurate complaint lists regarding those works which are found defective or approximately finished at delivery;
  • assistance prior to delivery for the purchase of the vessel tenders and any other water toy.

The vessel was delivered to our Client in late June 2011.