20 years side by side with insurers

Sea Metria Srl, formerly through the activity of his founder Stefano Ruscitti, and then growing up to a multi-complex and structured entity, plays its role as an independent insurance surveyor in the yachts market since over 16 years.

Technical skill, reliability, and timeliness have allowed Sea Metria becomming a reference point in the yacht world for worldwide insurance top players, such as Brokers, Insurance Companies or Underwriters.

Many operators, particularly Germans and English, apply since many years to Sea Metria for the management of the most complex and peculiar claims, knowing that they can rely on interlocutors able to correspond fluently in different languages (English, German, French, Spanish), and on a agile, well-prepared technical partner (three claims-dedicated loss adjusters).

Quality and Peculiarity

The world of Yachts is characterized by a vast complexity and variability of risks. Sea Metria has develloped her experience and the quality of her survey reports by operating on vessels of every type, and managing claims with the most different characteristics.


Highlights 2008 -2011

Our interventions regarded, mainly, motor yachts, although with a not negligible percentage of sail boats, covering a dimensional range from 6 mt (tenders) to over 100 mt.

The various kind of vessels inspected gave us the opportunity to be involved in a vast casuistry of accidents. Statistically we have subdivided the two main Risks “families” (Hull and Machinery, and TPL) in nine sub-categories: Fire/Lightning/Explosion, Heavy weather, Stranding/Grounding, Sinking/Flooding, Collisions, Breakage/Distorsion of mast and/or spars, Breakage/Damage of shafts and/or propellers, Damage/Failure of main engine and or machinery, Third Party Liabilities. 

During the considered period (2008 2nd semester – 2011 1st semester), the global claimed amount has reached c.a. 6,4 M/Euro, with an average amount for single claim of round 87.700 Euro. The global value of the admitted costs, subsequently settled by the Underwriters, was of 3,1 M/Euro. The claimed/admitted ratio percentage in the period was of 48,6%. 

Comparing the highlights of the examinated period with those of the preceding one (2005 2nd semester – 2008 1st semester) it can be noted the following:

The number of assigned tasks has slightly increased (68 to 71). The global value of the claim has grown from the former 5,7 M/Euro to the current 6,4 M/Euro (+ 13%), whilst the average amount for single claim has raised from Euro 79.207 to 87.700 Euro. The global value of the admitted costs has decreased from 3,6 M/Euro to 3,1 M/Euro (- 13,5%). The claimed/admitted ratio percentage sunk from the former 62,2% to the current 48,6%.


We believe that an accurate assistance from the very beginning of the claim, mainly in the identification of the repair costs through the acquisition of the quotation, can determine a smooth course of the task, with reciprocal satisfaction of the Insured and Underwriters. For that reason, and thanks to a multi-annual experience, we always grant a radical assistance to the Underwriters in managing all the aspects which might form a claim, from the relation with the Shipyards to, eventually, the support in managing the administrative tasks which might involve Flag or Local Authorities.

Years of cooperation with international Underwriters of high profile, operating in a market characterized by policy holders with expectations and exigency proportioned to the value of the insured assets, have allowed to Sea Metria to reach a high standard in granting a quick and qualitatively irreproachable service. Always operating in a full and untouchable independency.

The consciousness of those quality and moral standards, which we deem to be of an essence for the Underwriters, encourages us in presenting our services to the Insurers’ world.

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