Yacht Design

Sea Metria acts in partnership with the Designer chosen by the Shipyard or by the Owner in Italy and abroad.

Accurate and scheduled routine maintenance grants not only a high standard of performance, but also permits a constant check on management costs.

Sea-metria’s collaboration with international insurance companies and brockers is our core business.

about us

Sea Metria was created in 2003 based on fifteen years of experience of its founding members. The constant growth of the yacht industry and the consequent increase in the demand of qualified and integrated services have resulted in a need to develop a structure able to offer quality and efficiency to an extremely demanding market. The high degree of quality demonstrated by services offered to clients and the need, of the Shipowner, to trust in a single reliable and expert supplier able to manage different and even delicate and confidential aspects, typical of a yacht life, have generated a constant growth of the structure of our company. After years of experience, Alessio Zucchi has become the main partner of Sea Metria.

Specific test

Tests can be carried out by our personnel or specialized external firms

Refit Management

From routine interventions to complete rebuilds. Our experience has evolved into a complete supervision service.


Boosted by the demand, we have strengthened our Company’s structure in order to face all those issues which burden a Yacht’s life.

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Contact us for any need, our technicians will try to satisfy your requestsy


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